Sam 6

Management Team Expanded

We are pleased to announce that Sam George has joined the company as Director of Business Development.  Sam is a graduate of Oklahoma State University in Mechanical Engineering, and has spent the past 21 years successfully developing new business i ... Read More

Extreme Cooling Systems & Process Coolers

Hayden was recently selected to design and manufacture four (4) API series air cooled heat exchangers to cool the lubricating oil for the massive centrifugal compression equipment supplied by a Fortune Global 500 Company, for Encana's Cutbank Ridge P ... Read More

Powering the future of Manufacturing

At Hayden, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 2800 tons since 2013.  Our rooftop solar panel system operates beyond our expectations; we now produce more electricity than we consume. We produce on average 1000 MW-hours per year by integrating this ... Read More