Immersion Systems

Establishing Technology In Tulsa That’ll Help Move The Nation

Our immersion systems are made entirely in-house, and with our very own Laboratory system, we're able to maintain an active platform that lets us proudly showcase what our designs and software are capable of and also allows us to improve on their rea ... Read More

Three Best Things About Working At Hayden, According To Rodney Lewis.

We spoke to Rodney about his first year employed at Hayden, and here are a few of the things he enjoys most: Upward Mobility: Too often, companies don’t take the extra steps needed to foster and grow the talents and skillsets of their employees. ... Read More

Taking Mining to the Next Level

Our field service team at Hayden has been hard at work, deploying another one of our immersion mining containers, equipped with an impressive capacity of 1.7 MW. With the initial installation complete, our team is doing everything they can to provide ... Read More

Meet Jeff Stanley! Facility Manager at Hayden Industrial!

Jeff Stanley embodies the phrase, “ work hard and you will find yourself the right place at the right time”.. As the former facility manager of a now-defunct Tulsa heat exchanger manufacturer, Jeff was essentially the last employee, overseeing the au ... Read More

Hayden employee generosity helps local families at Christmas

All the employees at Hayden participated in a food drive to Support the Owasso Resource Center. There was a total of $900 donated and 557 pounds of food that will go to families in the Owasso area in need. Because of Hayden’s donation, they are going ... Read More

Hayden Industrial Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Manufacturing at Tulsa Facility

In July of 2023, Hayden Industrial celebrated its one-year anniversary at the new Tulsa manufacturing facility! From the words of Don Williams, Hayden is living on Tulsa time! To celebrate this milestone, the company planned a picnic for all employee ... Read More

Hayden Helps Provide Medical Services in Africa

At Hayden, we have always felt strongly about the importance of giving back to the less fortunate and have found the perfect organization to work with; “Ventura Global Health Project”. Through this organization, Hayden has been able to provide financ ... Read More

Hayden Industrial Hosts Open House

This past May, Hayden Industrial welcomed the Crypto mining community to their open house to better understand the benefits of the new Hayden Immersion mining system. Hayden had the opportunity to lead attendees through the new Tulsa facility where ... Read More

Hayden honors Greg Loper for 20 years of Service

Greg Loper accomplishments were recently celebrated at a company gathering at his 20th work anniversary with Hayden. Greg has had many accomplishments during his time with Hayden. Greg stated, “I think successfully moving into different roles over th ... Read More

Hayden partners with Global Gas Turbine manufacturer to develop a Mobile Power Generation Solution

Hayden's engineering team was recently selected to partner in the development of a new mobile power generation solution. Hayden's 60+ year track record of developing innovative solutions for mobile and rapid deployment power generation made it a perf ... Read More

Hayden honors Andy Wuence for 45 years of Service

Andy Wuence recently celebrated his 45th year of employment with Hayden Industrial at a company wide event. Andy is a key part of the company’s success where he has built a strong foundation of experience and relationships. At the ripe age of twen ... Read More

Take a video tour of Hayden’s new FAST FIT™ Online Design Platform

TAKE A FAST FIT™ VIDEO TOUR NOW! FAST FIT™ allows our registered customers to design our Standard Heat Exchangers or Standard Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers. These new tools will allow you to have instantaneous heat transfer design technology at you ... Read More

Hayden employees recognized for a combined 60 years of service

At a recent event, Hayden’s President, Kenzie MacPherson, recognized five long-serving employees for their commitment and contribution to our success — a combined 60 years’ worth! In the photo from left to right, with years of service: Florentino Nar ... Read More

Hayden Donates $5,000 to UC Santa Barbara Foundation

In recognition of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s proud tradition for academic excellence, Hayden Products LLC has donated $5,000 to the UC Santa Barbara Foundation. The funds are earmarked for the College of Engineering’s Dean’s Fund a ... Read More

Hayden is open and ready to serve your needs during COVID-19.

We would like to provide a brief update on how we are managing our business during these trying times as we all grapple with the impact of COVID-19. Hayden is classified as an Essential Critical Manufacturer under the Department of Homeland Security ... Read More

Hayden announces $50,000 donation to Ventura Global Health Project

As part of our belief that every organization has a social responsibility to give back, Kenzie MacPherson , President, announced today a $50,000 donation to Ventura Global Health Project (VGHP). This donation will help provide health care to under se ... Read More

Hayden Recognizes 40 Years of Service

At a recent company event, Ofelia McGaugh was recognized for 40 years of service by Kenzie MacPherson, President of Hayden. Ofelia started out as a welder and over the years has taken on increasingly more responsible manufacturing and supervisory rol ... Read More

Bringing Health Care to The World

Hayden Industrial believes that every organization has a social responsibility to give back. As such, we support the Ventura Global Health Project (VGHP), based in Ventura, California, through annual donations. The Ventura medical community has a lon ... Read More

Hayden Recognizes 182 Years of Service

At a recent Company celebration, Hayden’s President, Kenzie MacPherson, recognized several long-serving employees for their commitment and contribution to our success — a combined 182 years’ worth! On behalf of everyone at Hayden, we extend our speci ... Read More

Hayden Develops High Efficiency Oil Cooler for the Renewable Gas Market

The Engineering Team at Hayden has developed high-efficiency, stainless steel oil coolers for the renewable gas sector. These Hydraulic Oil Coolers utilize our proven Swirlflow Turbulator Technology, which reduces surface area and cooler size by up t ... Read More

Lunch & Learn with Hayden

Have lunch on us and catch up on the latest innovations in High-Performance Heat Exchanger technology by arranging a Hayden Lunch and Learn training session, tailored to your needs. Our Engineering Team recently completed a number of Lunch and Learns ... Read More

Hayden Designs for Extreme Enviroments

Hayden was recently selected to design and manufacture four (4) API series air cooled heat exchangers to cool the lubricating oil for the massive centrifugal compression equipment supplied by a Fortune 500 Global Company, for Encana's Cutbank Ridge P ... Read More

Powering the Future of Manufacturing

At Hayden, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 2800 tons since 2013. Our rooftop solar panel system operates beyond our expectations; we now produce more electricity than we consume. We produce on average 1000 Mwh by integrating this system. More t ... Read More