Swirl Flow Turbulator

Backed up by extensive field and laboratory performance test data, our aluminum SwirlFlow Turbulator was developed by our engineering team and can reduce the size of the cooler by up to 50% while providing more effective heat transfer.

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Trans-T Turbulator

This square, rippled copper turbulator is used in our tubing where fluid compatibility or minimized pressure drops are required. As with our SwirlFlow Turbulator, the Trans-T breaks up laminar flow, forcing a better mix of fluid closer to the outer tube. The resulting fluid distribution profile promotes improved heat transfer and greater efficiency.

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Continuous Rippled & Full-Collared Fins

Hayden's standard design of copper tubing with aluminum fins optimizes effectiveness based on BTUs per dollar. Continuous rippled, full-collared 1½" wide fins offer key advantages over traditional straight finned models.

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