Hayden Helps Provide Medical Services in Africa

At Hayden, we have always felt strongly about the importance of giving back to the less fortunate and have found the perfect organization to work with; “Ventura Global Health Project”.

Through this organization, Hayden has been able to provide financial support to “Global Heath fellows” who take on a 1 year post residency fellowship in medically underserved areas of the world. There currently are 15 residents that are being supported through this program each year.

We recently welcomed home Juan Gonzelez who, with his family, spent 9 months in Africa providing many different medical services to low resource settings. During this experience, Juan and his family traveled to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. During his 9 month mission he rotated through various departments, including OBGYN, surgery, pediatrics, and emergency medicine

Juan commented on the support he received, “Your generous support and funding not only covered our family’s living and travel expenses, but also helped me cover translator services in Uganda, as well as support several of our patients there who couldn’t afford life-saving medications, labs and imaging.” Juan and his family are looking forward to returning to Africa for an extended period to continue to serve in medical missions.

We are proud to support Juan, and all that he is doing to help bring basic health services to underserved areas of the world.

Pictured: Juan Gonzelez (third from left)

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