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Ventura Global Health Project

Hayden Industrial believes that every organization has a social responsibility to give back. As such, we support the Ventura Global Health Project (VGHP), based in Ventura, California, through annual donations.

The Ventura medical community has a long tradition of service to humanity, anchored by a family residency program that is nationally recognized for its commitment to global health. As a Ventura resident and one of Hayden’s founding partners, Jim Neitz, saw the need and the opportunity to help the world’s underserved populations access proper medical care and, in 2012, he helped establish VGHP.

VGHP is a non-profit organization that helps local medical professionals provide healthcare to the world’s most needy, regardless of political affiliation, religious belief, ethnic identity or ability to pay. Through VGHP, young medical professionals have been able to serve in clinics and field hospitals in countries like Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi, Mexico, and Niger, to name a few. They offer direct clinical services and help local clinics get established and grow with their own teams.

Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, has only 1,000 doctors for 30 million people. By contrast, California would have 150,000 doctors for the same population. VHGP’s goal is to double the number of doctors in this region in 40 years. This means training and deploying 25 doctors per year.

How VGHP works

The concept behind VGHP is driven by these questions:

  • If local doctors are willing to serve humanity, how can local businesses and the general community provide support?
  • How can we leverage the commitment of our local medical professionals?

VGHP answers those questions by:

  • Providing grants to doctors who are embarking on long-term volunteer service to the poor, helping them to “get their feet on the ground”.
  • Recruiting and paying travel expenses for short-term medical volunteers to support local doctors who are in the field for long-term commitments.
  • Providing grants to reimburse travel expenses so that resident physicians can be exposed to provision of care to those in need and develop a lifelong commitment to community service.

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