Hayden partners with Global Gas Turbine manufacturer to develop a Mobile Power Generation Solution

Hayden's engineering team was recently selected to partner in the development of a new mobile power generation solution. Hayden's 60+ year track record of developing innovative solutions for mobile and rapid deployment power generation made it a perfect partnership. The team quickly developed a solution that exceeded the customer requirements and within budget. When working with Hayden Industrial, you can expect excellent results and top tier performance from our collaborative design team.

System requirements:

  • Dual Fuel System (Natural Gas and Diesel #2)
  • Low Emissions SoLoNOx Combustion System
  • Lightweight, dual frame design with separate air filtration module
  • Easily relocatable via highway or rugged terrain

Hayden's Solution:

  • Heat exchanger to support fully integrated mobile power plant with 13.9K/12.47KV generator
  • Brazed aluminum core (Plate-Fin Design) for maximum thermal performance and light weight construction
  • Compact footprint for high power density
  • Low-profile modular design to minimize installed height and depth
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