Establishing Technology In Tulsa That’ll Help Move The Nation

With fewer than two years since we broke ground in Tulsa, we’re proud to be one of the only companies in the region currently specializing in immersion cooling technology.

Our immersion systems are made entirely in-house, and with our very own Laboratory system, we're able to maintain an active platform that lets us proudly showcase what our designs and software are capable of and also allows us to improve on their real-world applications.. and the Bitcoin we're able to generate is a pretty neat perk!

Our testing system is currently running at a 2 Mega-Watt capacity, or what would be required to power 200,000 iPhone chargers!

This might sound excessive, but it allows us to accurately test the electrical and thermal loads our clients regularly have to deal with while allowing us to constantly improve the design and software of all our immersion cooling components.

There's almost no doubt that immersion cooling will play a large role in the future. With cryptocurrency mining and artificial intelligence only being the first of many industries that'll face a growing need for large-scale computing centers, Hayden Industrial intends to do the work required to stay on the cutting edge of the heat transfer technology needed to keep it all running.

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