Industrial Waste Water Cooler - Custom Glycol Cooler Manufacturer

Glycol & Fluid Water Cooler

Hayden Industrial manufacturers air cooled heat exchangers that cool glycol and water process loops by utilizing ambient air as the cooling medium. Typical applications are:

  • Engine Cooling for compressions and power generation
  • Secondary process loops seen on compressions skids and bio gas installations
  • Heat dumps for removing heat from a process like an autoclave or cogeneration facility
  • Battery storage
  • Inter and after coolers on reciprocating engines
  • Large variable frequency drive cooling
  • Data Centers

Key Features

  • Compact finned coolers available in a wide range of fin and tube materials.
  • Products can be designed to meet API-661 requirements.
  • Specialty coatings available for corrosion protection in harsh environments.
  • Internal water flushing available when specified.

Hayden Industrial custom manufactures air cooled glycol coolers in the following materials:

Copper Aluminum Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
Tube X X X X
Fins X X X X

Key Options

We have various stock options for our glycol coolers and a full line of customizable products. Our sizes typically range from 18’’ x 18’’ up to multiple bays that are 15’ wide by 16’ long.

Your specific application will dictate what style product we custom manufacturer for your project.