Continuous Rippled & Full-Collared Fins

Continuous Rippled & Full-Collared Fins

Hayden provides continuous rippled & full collared fins to offer key advantages over traditional straight-finned models.

Benefits of Rippled & Full Collared Fins

The rippled construction along the outer edges of our Rippled Fins as well as across the air path provides for:

  • Structural rigidity
  • Increased surface area
  • Better air flow mix

The net result is optimum heat transfer performance. In addition, full collars ensure maximum surface-to-surface contact as the ¾" diameter tubes are mechanically expanded to join and secure the tube and fin assembly. All this means a structurally solid unit that maximizes heat transfer capacity in a compact design.

Standard Fins

Standard fin spacing is 12 fins per inch with optional spacing at 8 or 10 fins per inch. Steel and stainless steel tubes are alternatives to our standard copper tubing. Custom units manufactured with copper or steel fins are also available.


Hayden's Rippled & Full Collared Fins serve a wide range of industries, such as:

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