Heat Exchangers For Renewable Energy

Heat Exchangers For Renewable Energy

Traditionally, pipeline natural gas comes from deep underground wells and it's often associated with petroleum production. When organic matter in landfills or animal waste, break down in an anaerobic environment, or oxygen-absent setting, a blend of gases primarily composed of methane and carbon dioxide are released. Landfills are places where biogas is present in high concentrations, which is why it's often called landfill gas.

Biogas is burned as a fuel or treated to remove the CO2 and other gases for use just like natural gas. Treated biogas is often called renewable natural gas, or RNG, as well as biomethane.

Uses Of Heat Exchangers

Capturing heat for use in anaerobic decomposition or elsewhere conserves energy and is cost-effective. Modern biogas plants incorporate several processes that can benefit from heat exchangers.

  • Exhaust Gas Cooling
  • Feedstock Heating
  • Sludge Heating
  • Digestate Concentration
  • Thermal hydrolysis
  • Digestate Evaporation

The Heat Exchanger Experts

Hayden Industrial Products is the global leader in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers for biogas and landfill gas energy generation processes. We’ve decades of experience developing custom heat transfer solutions from an array of materials for specific applications.

Whether the cooler needs to be fully API-661 compliant or a cost-effective ASME design, we can fabricate a heat exchanger for your biogas process. Features of our biogas coolers include:

  • Coolers can be manufactured with pipe headers with a pressure rating of up to 5150psig
  • Slab headers configurations are certified to 6500PSIG design pressure without welding
  • Available in multiple configurations
  • High alloy steels available when specified

Regardless of the application, our team is ready to take on all technical challenges with you to deliver efficient and reliable heat exchangers.

Give us a call today to learn more about heat exchangers for renewable energy. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs further.