Standard Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Standard Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

We offer a variety of Standard Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (bar and plate, air cooled) similar to our FIN-COOL® and TEMP-TROLLER® unit models. Standard sizes are in stock and available for immediate shipment. You can size our standard units to your application using our FAST FITTM on-line sizing tool. Please contact us for more information on Standard Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers and customization options for each.

Key Features

  • Face area sizes range from ½ square-foot to 16 square feet
  • Lightweight, all-aluminum bar and plate heat exchanger construction
  • Cooling mediums include water, glycol, oils, and gases
  • SAE O-ring ports ensure leak-proof joints
  • Maximum operating pressure of 250 PSI
  • Maximum operating temperature of 300°F

Key Options

  • Compact design for easy placement and installation with standard base mounting brackets
  • Motor options:
    • 230-460V - Three Phase - AC
    • 110V - Single Phase - AC
    • 12V/24V - DC
    • Hydraulic Motors
  • Custom manifolds to meet your connection and piping requirements.
  • High pressure options available up to 500 psi at 300°F
  • Custom designs available up to 50 square feet
  • Custom designs available with multi-circuits for multiple process streams in a common core
  • Can be provided with other accessories for process control.