High Efficiency API Design

High Efficiency API Design

Our High Performance API Series are designed to provide a smaller footprint compared to standard, API 661 designs. Our exclusive aluminum turbulator and fin pack design results in greater heat transfer in a smaller area. The result is up to a 50% reduction in overall size, weight, and cost.          

Key Features

  • Mechanically expanded SwirlFlow Turbulator increases heat transfer efficiency by as much as 550% (over bare tube heat exchangers)
  • Stainless steel mechanically expanded tubes provide superior unit strength and corrosion resistance
  • Multi-row heat exchanger cores for maximum heat transfer capacity
  • Stainless or carbon steel boxed headers with plugs provide easy access to tubes
  • Optimum air flow with sound power levels available below 85 dB(A). Acoustic louvers & silencers available as options for sound pressure levels to 70 dB(A)
  • Cleanliness levels beyond API 614 to ISO 4406 to ensure your system remains contamination free, maximizing the system and component life
High Efficiency API Design


  • Constructed to ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • Maximum operating pressure of 700 PSI
  • Maximum operating temperature of 500°F
  • Multi-circuit units also available
  • Exceptions to API 661:
    • Welded (rather than rolled) tube to header attachment
    • Stainless steel 316L tubes are 0.75" diameter, 0.028" thick
    • Aluminum, copper or steel fins are L-footed plate type