Stanton Energy Reliability Center
Stanton Energy Reliability Center

Hayden design supports innovative lube oil cooling solution for hybrid energy generation center near LA.


  • Provide innovative lube oil cooling system for hybrid generation in Southern California Edison in West Los Angeles Basin Subarea.
  • Achieve complete system site emissions reduction of about 80% while enabling increased renewable energy penetration onto the grid.
  • Site required to fit in with urban surroundings.


  • Utilize two of Hayden’s TTT- 460s ,which are the most efficient gas turbine lube oil cooling systems available to reduce operating costs.
  • Power generating system to utilize battery storage of power which provides:
    • Greenhouse gas-free operating reserve
    • Flexible capacity without start time
    • Peaking energy for local contingencies
    • Voltage support and primary frequency response without fuel burn
    • Superior transient response

Additional Information

The Stanton Energy Reliability Center (SERC) consists of two General Electric (GE) LM6000-based EGTs. EGT refers to the LM6000 PC Hybrid EGT jointly developed by General Electric International, Inc. (GE) and Wellhead Power Solutions. The EGT combines a combustion gas turbine with an integrated battery storage component operated by a proprietary software system, and utilized efficient Hayden lube oil cooling systems.

The two GE LM6000 PC units will be natural gas-fired, simple-cycle combustion turbine, a clutch to provide operational flexibility as a synchronous condenser, and an integrated 10-megawatt (MW) GE Battery Energy Storage System. In total, SERC is proposing to provide 98 MW (nominal) of EGT capacity.

Stanton Energy Reliability Center


  • Customer: Southern California Edison

  • Location: Stanton, CA
  • Sector: Power Generation
  • Application: Lube Oil Cooling
  • Product Type: Lube Oil Cooler