Temp-Troller 100 Series
Selection Procedure

Plotted pressure drop (PSID) values based on viscosity of 50 SSU. If viscosity is not 50 SSU, multiply PSID value by tabulated multiplier to obtain estimate of actual PSID:


PSID Multiplier

50 SSU 1
100 SSU 1.75
150 SSU 2.3
200 SSU 2.75
250 SSU 3.2

Step 1

System flow rate (GPM) of hot liquid

Step 2

Heat transfer requirement = input energy lost to heat 1 HP = 2545 BTU/HR

Performance curves based on Inlet Temperature Difference (ITD) of 50°F ITD = (Inlet temperature of hot liquid) - (Ambient temperature of air)

If ITD is not 50°F: Heat transfer requirement = Input energy lost to heat x 50°F/ITD

Step 3

Select curve for heat exchanger model at or above heat transfer requirement

Dimensional Data

Figure letter refers to the diagrams above. Dimensions are in inches. Performance Curve # refers to the Performance Charts below.

Performance Charts

Heat transfer performance based upon 50°F ITD with barrel style motor. See Selection Procedure for sizing heat exchanger.

Pressure Drops Indicated:

  • 5 PSID
  • 10 PSID
  • 15 PSID
  • 20 PSID