Selection Procedure

Step 1

System flow rate (GPM) of hot liquid

Step 2

Heat transfer requirement = input energy lost to heat 1 HP = 2545 BTU/HR

Performance curves based on Inlet Temperature Difference (ITD) of 50°F ITD = (Inlet temperature of hot liquid) - (Ambient temperature of air)

If ITD is not 50°F: Heat transfer requirement = Input energy lost to heat x 50°F/ITD

Step 3

Select curve for heat exchanger model at or above heat transfer requirement

500 FPM

1000 FPM

1500 FPM

2000 FPM

Air Velocity Multiplier 1 ROW - Style A 1.2 1 0.9 0.8
Air Velocity 2 ROW - Style B/C 1.3 1 0.9 0.8

Plotted pressure drop (PSID) values based on viscosity of 50 SSU. If viscosity is not 50 SSU, multiply PSID value by tabulated multiplier to obtain estimate of actual PSID:


PSID Multiplier

50 SSU 1
100 SSU 1.75
150 SSU 2.3
200 SSU 2.75
250 SSU 3.2

Dimensional Data

Figure letter refers to the diagrams above. Dimensions are in inches. Performance Curve # refers to the Performance Charts below.

Performance Charts

Heat transfer performance based upon 50°F ITD with barrel style motor. See Selection Procedure for sizing heat exchanger.