Meet Jeff Stanley! Facility Manager at Hayden Industrial!

Jeff Stanley embodies the phrase, “ work hard and you will find yourself the right place at the right time”..

As the former facility manager of a now-defunct Tulsa heat exchanger manufacturer, Jeff was essentially the last employee, overseeing the auction and sale of everything that had created his livelihood over the last three decades.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
As Hayden was seeking a facility to call home in Oklahoma, Jeff found himself showcasing his former place of work to the team that, unbeknownst to him, would quickly solve his employment issues.

Hayden saw more in Jeff than a potential facility manager for their new facility, Hayden saw an individual who had given a large part of his life working his way up the ladder only to be caught in one of the most unsure times in recent years

Expanding Into A Future Of Opportunity
Almost 2 years later, Jeff is now the full-time Facility Manager at the Hayden Industrial Tulsa plant. Overseeing, the entire 40 acres of land and every structure and piece of equipment that sits on it. Basically, if it’s made out of Atoms and isn’t a human being, Jeff is in charge of it.

As a fully trained IT professional, Jeff has also played a pivotal role in helping establish and manage all of the IT infrastructure that keeps us running and connected to the rest of the world.

Recently, Jeff has been overseeing the 9000 Square Foot Expansion currently being added to The Hayden Facility to accommodate increasing supply demands.

Hayden Industrial, Letting Oklahoma Be Oklahoma
Hayden has enjoyed a period of constant growth since moving to Tulsa and that’s in no small part thanks to the good, hardworking people like Jeff who were already living here and just needed an opportunity to thrive.

As a long-time employee of the Industry, Jeff knows a thing or two about what makes a company, a “good” company to work for, and when asked about his experience at Hayden so far he said,

“I enjoy kind of bragging about the company, I've kind of lived under an umbrella of one area of my whole career spent in one place, and to work for a company like Hayden has really been a blessing to me and eye-opening and I just, I love everything about it, they've done a good job of, of allowing Oklahoma to be Oklahoma.”

-Jeff Stanley

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