Plate Fin & Finned Tube Heat Exchanger


FIN-COOL® units can be customized with our Integrated Pressure Relief Valve option for cold start-up and high-flow bypass protection. Please contact us for more information on these units and their customization options.

Key Features

  • Copper tubing (¾” diameter) and continuous rippled aluminum fins maximize thermal efficiency at a low cost
  • Continuous rippled fins provide structural rigidity, increased surface area, and provide better air flow
  • Each tube is fitted with our SwirlFlow Turbulator, increasing heat transfer by up to 550% over bare tube heat exchangers
  • SwirlFlow Turbulator produces a high velocity, mixed flow that enhances self-cleaning for a maintenance-free operation

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Plate Fin & Finned Tube Heat Exchanger


  • Maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI
  • Maximum operating temperature of 350°
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